Well I’ve completed the first painting to be unveiled December 1st in the 25 DAYS OF MINIS on-line exhibit. To be honest, I’ve completed several of the paintings in this series & I’m looking forward to posting them one-by-one with 41 other artist friends @25Daysofminis. It may seem early but if you want first dibs on the 42 new artworks unveiled first thing every morning from December 1st through the 25th, please sign up for the daily email @25daysofminis/join-email-list. Signing up will open up a world of over 1000 available mini gems by your favorite or newly discovered artists over the course of 25 days, so you won’t want to miss a day!

Throughout the 25 days, I will be offering framed original oil paintings & etchings in a variety of sizes at affordable price points. The subject matter of my works will include something for everyone including landscapes, still life & a couple of Italy inspired pieces from my recent trip, & I am looking forward to the unveiling of each & every one of them. So I hope you’ll be there to share in the excitement December 1st.


More than other times through the year, the holidays tend to bring out the generous side of people. In keeping with that spirit, I am offering FREE SHIPPING* & a special art gift with all mini purchases. So if you’re looking to add to your collection or are searching for that perfect gift, there’s no better time to discover & purchase framed original paintings & etchings.


A “mini” can be magnifying-glass small & I have seen many exquisite works created that require the use of one to fully experience its majesty. But I have never been inspired to create that tiny & as a rule my focus is usually 8 x 10″ or larger with the exception of this time of year when my creative spirit inspires me to create smaller works. For the 25 Days of Minis exhibit, a “mini” is defined as a small artwork with image dimensions measuring 12 x 12 inches or less AND the artworks must be offered for $500 or less. All of my art offered in 25 Days of Minis will be sold framed & I will include the image size along with the overall size in my descriptions to include the artwork size with framing so you can be sure it will fit that perfect spot you have in mind.


NEXT WEEK: Phase V of my 10 STEPS TO PERFECT MINI ART will give you a glimpse into the life of a frame & how it is born. In Phase One of this series, I mentioned my meticulous, talented woodworker, significant other Jim who builds the frames for my finished works, & then puts it all together in a perfect package to send my art out into the world for all to see. The Framing of a piece of art can be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle & can make or break how the artist’s creation is perceived. Think of it as the icing on the cake or a bow on the present. It just makes it that much better when done right.


Without revealing the entire painting I’ll be posting December 1st, I’ve prepared a quick video showing some final details being added to my first 25 Days painting titled “Awakening”. Click on image below to view.

Thanks for following along in my journey of 10 STEPS TO PERFECT “MINI” ART!

*Free shipping within the contiguous US