Showcasing artwork is an art in itself. To successfully arrange a grouping of artworks, scale, balance & composition are three important factors to consider.

Size of the artwork or artworks in relation to the wall space

A small piece of art will obviously get lost on a large wall, but grouping it with other artworks can have a big impact & add interest. Leaning multiple frames of various sizes and finishes against the wall on a floating shelf can also add tons of interest to a room & fill an expanse of wall space.

Arrangement of artworks in different sizes & frames

Organizing a gallery wall with one larger piece surrounded by several smaller pieces that share a common theme (be it in color or imagery) will help maintain cohesion while still being personal. Mixing and matching mediums, styles, frames and composition can make for a really interesting display & add warmth to any space. Tip: Creating a mock up on the floor or wall with paper cut to the size of the pictures you are planning to hang will give you the chance to get the arrangement right before hanging.

Art enriches lives & gives joy

So often we get caught up in ‘what matches & what is trendy’, without thinking about what we really love. Choose art for how it makes you feel when you look at it – the aesthetics should be secondary. Choose unique works of art that make you feel good & give you joy, & most importantly, be sure to hang it where you can enjoy it!