The world as we knew it a mere month ago has changed vastly. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed that motivates me to get my day started everyday & I want to share it with you.

Artists tend to be visual creatures who draw inspiration from the world around them. So how lucky am I that the view from my studio high on a hill stretches some 30 miles, granting me a front row seat to some of the most spectacular skyscapes Mother Nature can conjure up. Imagine waking up to a panorama of vivid colors & an unbelievable variety of cloud patterns, or watching the sky transition from a bright sunny Summer day to a rolling field of dark billowing clouds as a thunderstorm moves across the landscape. It’s a virtual feast for the eyes & a sight that can leave the viewer awestruck.

Much of the inspiration for my paintings comes from photos I’ve taken & I have captured thousands of Mother Nature’s spectacular moments just outside my window & look forward to sharing them with you on my new website page titled “Studio On The Hill”.

During this time of forced isolation I have continued painting & preparing for the time when life, & art events, return to normal. As we all deal with the daily challenges at hand, I am choosing to use this time to reflect on life’s blessings & find the joy in each day, & I invite you to view some of the beauty & serenity I experience from my Studio On The Hill.

Wishing you all the best to you & your loved ones during this challenging time,