It’s a new & different world we live in . . . hugs have been replaced with elbow bumps or distant waves, smiles have been replaced with masks, & in-person events are now done via Zoom, Face-timing & other inventive ways to satisfy our need to communicate.

Thanks to technology videos have also flooded the virtual landscape, giving us a sense of connection & helping us learn new things & stay updated in our daily lives. So I’ve embraced the world of videos as a way to invite you into my studio to show you the story & process behind my art. Videos give added dimension in an up close & personal way, telling the deeper story & many facets that are involved in creating art. Whether you’re an artist or collector, I hope you’ll find them insightful.

Behind The Scenes

Learning & doing new things has become the new pastime for many these days, myself included. If there’s anything you want to learn, there’s a video out there somewhere covering the subject & especially on the subject of art. I’m often asked art related questions & I love talking “Art”, so I’ve created a new video based web page ( devoted solely to all things ART & the inner workings of my studio.

Video Topics

  • What goes into making a custom frame
  • Progress videos of paintings in the works
  • What is an etching & how is it created
  • How I prepare my panels for painting

These are just a few of the topics I have or will be covering & adding in the creative days ahead.

If you want a peek into the “a day in the life of an artist”, I invite you to check out my videos! I look forward to adding new content & I’ll be including those in upcoming Studio Update Emails.

Please drop me a line if there’s a topic you’d like covered in a future video!


When I make art, I think about its ability to connect with others, to bring them into the process.
Jim Hodges


Slide "We love our new painting. Its power is already at work . . . It's relaxing, serene and hopeful all in the same view . . . I would have been heartbroken had the painting sold. We feel very privileged to have your paintings in our home." Cathy A Slide "I received your package yesterday afternoon & I was so excited to open the box. Two beautiful original pieces of art . . . they are beyond my expectations, I absolutely love them. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know how I love your artwork." Ginny E Slide "Sitting in my living room I have your work all around me . . . I can't imagine this room without the peacefulness & serenity that so many of your works have . . . I look at it & feel the peace & I want to be there. Thank you for the wonderful work that you do." John B Slide "It's wonderful, I could not be more delighted with the piece . . . thank you, thank you. I have received numerous compliments on it. We really do enjoy every single piece that we have purchased from you. They are so calming. Rest assured it will be cherished for years to come." Jennifer H Slide "I wanted to let you know how totally surprised – and speechless – my mother-in-law was upon opening her present. She called me 3x to thank me for the etching. She hasn’t stopped staring at the detail and admiring the scene. She said it is the best present she has ever gotten." JoAnn M Slide "Catherine, the one thing that binds your paintings and etchings together is your vision. Each medium enhances that vision in a different way." Thomas R Slide "I have purchased two of your paintings. I want to thank you for the pleasure I receive when viewing your art. I smile every time I walk past them in my home & everyone who sees them comments on how lovely they are." Toni L Slide "Catherine, I just am in love with this piece!! Thanks so much! Our family room is essentially the Catherine Colsher Gallery ~ one of your biggest fans!" Missy S Slide "The painting arrived yesterday, and it's more beautiful than I imagined it would be. I love it! The frame is perfect. Thank you for creating such a lovely treasure." Nancy B Slide "I just received the order – the prints are beautiful and as usual, nicer than expected. I know these pieces will compliment your other works in my collection!" JoAnn M