Although working from home has become the new normal for many, the pandemic has done little to change how or where I spend my time creating. But the cancelling of art events that once provided me the opportunity to show my work & connect with art lovers, has instead given me an unexpected windfall of extra studio time. I really miss showing my art in person & having conversations one-on-one with art lovers, but I’ve decided to use the extra studio time as a great opportunity to take on a big project that I’ve always wanted to work on but never could find the time . . . & one that will also serve as a way to connect during these unusual times.

Doing Things Differently
2020 will be known as the year of Zoom meetings & videos. Without art events to show their work, artists have taken to the internet to show & sell their art by getting in front of a camera (or phone) in an effort to show new work & stay connected with followers. It can be a bit intimidating & challenging for some, but it’s a new “normal” that requires one to put aside their introverted ways & bury their inhibitions. So I too have embraced the new normal & I’ve taken on the project of producing a library of videos that will provide in-depth demonstrations of my creative process & other behind-the-scenes studio related stuff.

“Creativity takes courage.”
Henri Matisse

Of course creating art is always job one, so these videos won’t just reveal the “how to’s” & materials I use, I am also excited to show you my paintings & etchings in progress. So although these videos are not Emmy or Oscar worthy, I hope you’ll enjoy a peek into my studio as I test my acting skills as an artist ~ coming soon to a theatre/phone/computer near you so please stay tuned!