12 x 16″ Oil on Panel
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About a week ago I decided to challenge myself by painting something slightly outside of my wheelhouse ~ that’s how artists amuse themselves I guess. Excited to begin my new adventure, I chose one of the beautiful red roses my honey gave me and arranged it on a bed of satin fabric, selectively lighting it to my taste. Satisfied with my arrangement, I could almost envision the finished painting and looked forward to loading up my brush with paint. So after blocking in my shapes and values, it was time for the fun to begin. Or so I thought . . .

Over my many years as an artist, I’ve painted translucent waters, gnarly trees, shiny reflective things, transparent glass, faces, anatomy, and a whole host of subject matter I probably don’t even remember. And although I’ve spent many hours, even weeks, on past works, I don’t recall having to dissect anything as intricately as I have with this rose. I have a newfound respect for artists who tackle flowers as their subject matter on a regular basis. If I’ve achieved any measure of success with this painting, you will look at it and see a simple elegant rose. But what I see is vastly different. All I see is a symphony of folds with petals continuously curving, bending and contorting, wrapping themselves around other petals curving, bending and contorting, while wrapping themselves around even more petals curving, bending and contorting. And if that’s not twisted enough, there are lighting nuances and color values so subtle that only a crazy person would enjoy the process.

I know this all sounds as though I voluntarily tortured myself, but the truth is I accomplished just what I set out to do. Since life (and painting) is all about growth and challenges, this painting fulfilled that mission. It’s not perfect but I still have some minor finishing touches to add before I call it done. For now, my eyes and brain are begging for a rest, so please stay tuned for my next painting titled “Polar Bear In A Snow Storm” : )

“Draped Rose” and other new works will be on exhibit,
along with the works of 25 of my amazing artist friends at the following event:

Opening Reception Friday
February 22nd 5 ~ 8pm
Saturday, February 23rd from 10 ~ 5

Sunday, February 24th from 10 ~ 4
Hockessin Memorial Hall, Hockessin DE
Route 41 & Yorklyn Road

If you’re planning to attend, I look forward to seeing you there!

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