Original Oil on Panel
5 x 7 inches

I was inspired to paint “Spring Ridge Sunrise” after witnessing
bright bursts of light breaking through a heavy sky at dawn.
I’m always moved by intense scenes like this, where rays of sunlight stream
through even the smallest crack in the clouds.

I’ve enjoyed posting these works to you, my valued collectors.
I appreciate the great enthusiasm shown in response to these exclusive holiday offers,
but with the holidays fast approaching, this will be my final oil painting offered as a Studio Special.
However, the popular “Seasons Suite” signed & numbered limited edition offer is still available
until December 15th if you would like to take advantage of this holiday offering.

I am pleased to offer “Spring Ridge Sunrise”
as my final Holiday Studio Special oil painting!

This is an original painting so there is only one available.
Price :   $75 Unframed 

For more information or to purchase this Special Offering