I have a massive amount of reference I use as inspiration for my paintings. But it’s very rare that I take a photo that I feel is worth painting in its entirety ~ I personally don’t see the point in just reproducing verbatim, what my lens has already captured. And even rarer, is a photo that is so perfectly composed and void of the extraneous distractions that “clutter” the landscape.

But this painting is an exception to my rule. Aside from using artistic license to make a few minor changes, this painting almost seems to be painting itself.  From the vantage point of my studio on the hill, I captured a magical moment in October when the sun was setting while illuminating a full moon on the rise. Given the majesty of the scene, I chose 18 x 44 as the size for this painting. When it is finished and if all goes well, I’m hoping I will at least come close to successfully re-creating Mother Nature’s beautiful gift.

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