Over the years I’ve experimented with a variety of mediums and techniques, and like all artists I found those I liked more than others. Oil painting was something I had tried when an uncle gave me a set of paints . . . and I was hooked. I’ve also tried acrylics, but they are quite different from oils and handle very differently. And then there’s watercolors. Watercolors elicit a look and feel that cannot be achieved with oils, so I love working in watercolors when I feel my vision will be better conveyed using that medium.

Then there’s etching. Nothing could be more different than painting but I’m in love with the technique. I invite you to view those works and learn more about them on the ETCHING GALLERY page.


Nature in general, has always been very inspiring to me ~ whether it be a single tree, amazing sunset or sky, or reflective waters. From the breaking of dawn to late into the starry night, inspiration has no limits. If time is taken to look and analyze, everywhere you look there’s a painting just waiting to be born.

The inspiration for my paintings is a combination of real life and what is imagined ~ I enjoy the challenge of painting from life and sometimes utilizing the vast library of photos I’ve amassed over the years and incorporating something from one photo or many, to create the vision and feeling I’m trying to convey. Mood and lighting are crucial to any painting and often is the main focus of my work. When I begin a new painting, I generally have a good idea of what the finished piece will look like before I put a brush to paint but the direction could change as I’m working and seeing the painting take shape . . . I find the possibilities are endless.


The works shown here are just a select sampling of paintings I’ve created and sold during my many years as an artist. I have created many works, and although I can’t put an exact number on it, collectors of my work range in the thousands. There’s a lot of truth in the old saying, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. I love what I do and appreciate that I have the ability to create, and when my artwork touches others in some way, that’s more icing on the cake. Needless to say, I am very gratified knowing what I do is appreciated by others.

Thank you for your interest in my work and for taking time to visit my site. I feel a sense of solitude or peace when I paint and I am personally rewarded if you, the viewer, experience the same through my works. No matter what medium I choose for my subject, at the end of the day my goal is to enjoy the process and captivate someone with my results ~ the greatest gift an artist can receive.